Why U.S. should open its borders and allow all people to come into the country freely using a “path to citizenship,”

We are living in a very controversial time in the U.S. People have different views on a variety of issues, and the government must try to keep the laws fair for everyone. Think of a controversial issue facing Americans today; you might choose something like immigration, gun control, same-sex marriage, etc.  

  • write an argument in support of a particular stance or point of view on a subject;
  • organize and develop the argument thoroughly using the Writing Process;
  • introduce, explain, and support claims with strong evidence and examples; 
  • acknowledge the opposing side of the argument fairly;
  • think about the purpose, audience, and situation and how these affect the language used, how much and what type of information should be included, which terms should be defined, etc. 
  • use clear research questions, suitable research methods, and creative and critical research strategies;
  • use evidence from outside sources to support your point of view;
  • create cohesion and unity between ideas;
  • integrate evidence from sources smoothly, avoiding plagiarism;
  • provide a conclusion that emphasizes and supports the main idea of the argument. 
  • include a Works Cited.