What are your teamwork skills?

twelve jobs that have to be done in a team were presented.  These include the following classified by four categories:
Networker: meets new people and collects new ideas.
Inspirer: inspires and motivates people.
Creativity and Problem-Solving
Creative thinker: generates the ideas.
Stayer: has staying power, is patient, and fine with routine and repetition.
Examine the twelve jobs that have to be done in a team.  From the list, identify four (out of the twelve) jobs you believe you are naturally inclined to undertake.  Provide a short paragraph explaining why for each job.

This assignment is a qualitative effort.  The grade will be based upon your own words and thoughts about your code of ethics.  The context will count for 40 points and grammar and spelling will count for 10 points.  Essays are due as a Canvas upload in PDF format, only.