Urban Design: Micro-scale/Macro Scale of the Built Environment

Please read the supplement readings and finish the questions below in separate paragraphs (like Q1:… Q2:…)

There are various approaches to measuring micro-scale aspects of the built environment, from the empirical, to the technology-enhanced, to the citizen-led mentioned in the readings.
1. What do you see as some of the benefits/disadvantages of these techniques?
2. What do you think their role should be in shaping the urban design of cities?
3. Since having learned about both the macro and micro-scale aspects of the built environment, how do you think they interact to impact people’s experiences of places overall?
4. And how do you think the macro-scale aspects of the place you described in the thread about the micro-scale experience impact that place? 
5. Do you think macro or micro elements are more important/influential? Why or why not?
6. After reading the documents, please share three things you have learned
7. Two questions you come up with/still have