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A) You are the manager of your place of employment and are consistently confronting issues with staffing. The nursing staff is beginning to show signs of burnout, and you know something must change to prevent nurse turnover. Hiring additional staff or recruiting travel nurses is not a viable solution at this time. The solution will need to be creative, effective, and evidence-supported.

1. Give a brief overview of the setting: Patient acuity, staffing skill mix, staffing matrix, number of beds, and hospital setting are some examples. If you are not currently employed or work in a setting that does not manage staffing, you may create your own setting.

2. Design a creative staffing approach to improve the care provided and decrease burnout. Detail how your plan would improve the current staffing issues and decrease burnout.

B) Reflect on a conflict you experienced or witnessed in your place of employment (or within a community group if you are not currently employed). Approach your discussion post from an observer point-of-view, retrospectively analyzing the situation as a whole.

1. Give a brief overview of the conflict (about 3-5 sentences).

2. Describe one conflict management strategy to best manage the conflict.

3. How could emotional intelligence influence the outcome of the conflict?

Using APA 7th, and need 2 resources; 1 for each section.