Do this instructions and the readings you do the reflections on is attached

This is one of the six learning diaries. You need to write 700 words minimum or you can do a podcast of 5-7 minutes recorded (for only 3 of your learning diaries, the other 3 must be written). You will do this individually, however you can draw on ideas from people that were mentioned in class

In academia we often deal with complex social issues that we can never do justice to in the time we have together in class; A learning diary gives you the opportunity and the space to reflect freely about the issues that we are reading about and discussing. It also gives you an opportunity to write freely in the first person. Many of the issues we will be covering are ones that affect you personally in your everyday life. This learning diary is designed to help think autoethnographically/ biographically about living in the contemporary Arab world and help you make connections between the different topics and issues that we have been covering. We will use your learning diary in order to inform your research paper with your everyday experiences. In your response, explore the issues we have been discussing throughout the semester you will have compiled quite a detailed narrative analysis that draws together:

Your reflections on the readings (all readings from Week 1 to 3) must be touched on
Your reflections on your life experience in relation to the discussions we have been having
Accounts of your everyday experiences that are relevant to our discussions and themes
An analysis of concepts and levels of analysis (e.g. identity, citizenship, the family, religion, modernity, gender, etc).

PART ONE : Gaining perspective

Where do you stand in relation to Arab society and ‘Arab identity’?
Which reading changed your mind or helped you think differently about Arab society and trying to figure out what that means?
How do you see globalization in light of our readings and discussions?
What aspects of your own life do you think challenge the prevailing narrative of the Arabs and their struggle with globalization and Westernization?