Project Management





EXAMINER:                                                 DR. ABDUL S. MUNTAKA


Feasibility study offers the project manager and management team a framework to assess the feasibility of a project against predefined parameters. Consider a Public Private Partnership (PPP), or BOOT (Build Own Operate and Transfer) project to (Select one of the projects below):

·         Refurbish and operate a road and bridge

·         Operate a Compost and Recycling Plant

·         Install an ICT system

·         Build and operate a power station

For your selected project structure your presentation to include:

1.       Identify your stakeholders and determine their influence on the project

2.       Your client is the key stakeholder, identify their needs and how the project fulfils them

3.       A key function of the feasibility study is to confirm that you can make the product or perform the service. Outline the studies and the build method.

4.       Identify any internal and external constraints that will affect your project.

The selection of the right project may be the single most important consideration which determines success or failure. Outline how your company selects projects, and give an example of how the following are considered:

5.       Departmental consideration

6.       Payback Period (related to project risk)

7.       Discounted cash flow using the present forecast rate of interest


NB: Your presentation should not go beyond 1 foolscap sheet (That is four pages). On the first page, indicate your index numbers, names and signatures. Always indicate the project you are selecting.