Project Cost Management Plan and Project Procurement Plan

After a long day of meetings, the chief stops by your office and asks how the cost estimates and budget breakdowns are going. You tell him you are just waiting on some estimates from Manoj. He seems pleased and reminds you that the RFP teams are internal teams that will not require any costs. You thank him for that feedback, and as he leaves, you notice you just received the email from Manoj you were waiting for with the high-level estimates on costs that will be related to the project.


From: Patel, Manoj

Subject: Costs and equipment estimates

It’s been great working with you so far on the project. Working with my team, I did some preliminary sizings for your cost and procurement management plan.


For the technology contractors needed to update internal software to meet Federal requirements usually, cost us between $140 to $200 hr for at least 100 to 150 hrs. For the federal accessibility requirements, it will take about 100 hrs with the same contractor rates, but we will also need a subject matter expert (SME) for about 40 hrs to review the designs at about $200 an hr. The new federal security requirements will likely take about 100 hours at the $140 to $200 hr plus we will need a security SME for about 50 hrs at $250 hr. The equipment that we need will include an enterprise software license for the enterprise modeling, new developer laptops, and some new internal cloud needed so the team can quickly collaborate on the designs at the various regional offices; equipment, software, and training should run us 200k. In speaking with Tami, she said we are not required to pay for the regulator time to the reviews, but we do have to pay a $5,000 filing fee.


Since my team has only incremental resources, we will need a technical lead from my team to work with each of these resources for all the project time I have listed above plus about 160 hours of final reviews and sign-offs. The lead from my team would be considered operational costs but keep in mind all but the 160 hours will be during the same time frame as the contract resources.

Hopefully, this gives you the information you needed to do your cost and procurement estimates. Please let me know if you have any questions.



Manoj Patel

Technology Manager

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