Possible route options for a town Bypass of Melton Mowbray

The Brief

You have been asked to look at the possible route options for a town Bypass of Melton Mowbray, in North Leicestershire. You need to supply the client with viable routes that will relieve traffic congestion and release land for future development. You need to justify your schemes with a clear preferred option.(hence two options and compare them to the current situation, i.e. do nothing)

Any solution will need to be multimodal and should not impact greatly on the existing road network. The route needs to pick up traffic from the A606 and A607, but is not circular.

You have been supplied with links to documentation for the existing network but will need to consider the effect on various forms of transport and indicate the likely capacity and negative impacts of your proposals

Your submission can include supporting drawings and statistical/financial data. You are encouraged to suggest likely costs and funding sources for any proposals.

Your work will need to focus on the following:

    Sustainability                 25%
    Safety impacts                15%
    Legislative/Financial limitations    15%
    Transport integration            25%
    Route drawings                20%


Reading Materials
Slinn & Guest & Matthews (2005) Traffic Engineering Design
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Note:    These sources are guides only to commonly available material.  You will also be expected to consult other relevant source material.

Submission Requirements
The assignment will need to be between 2500 words (or equivalent) in length and conform to the appropriate written assignment standard.  The paper is to be presented as a professional report, using relevant diagrams, tables and charts. Evidence of breadth and depth of research will be required. More than 15 high quality references (Books and Journal Papers)