Media Reaction Paper #1

Media Reaction Paper #1 Instructions:
This paper requires students to watch a television episode or movie related to women as offenders. In each paper students should briefly summarize the story and then discuss how the movie/episode relate to the topic(s) covered in class. Students should make direct connections to the course readings and discuss how the stories reflect themes in the readings. The focus of the paper should be on the connections between the video/characters and the course materials. Your summary of the episode/video should not be more than a few sentences long.
Students should consider the following questions when reflecting on the movie/episode:
1- How does the story support what we have discussed in class? 
2- How does the story differ from what we have discussed in class? 
3-How is the offender portrayed in the media? 
4- Is the portrayal of the characters appropriate given what you have learned in class?
Media reflection papers should be approximately 4 pages in length (not counting title page or reference page), typed, double-spaced, use a 12-point font, and have 1 margins. All citations and references should strictly follow APA 6th edition citation and reference guidelines. Late papers will receive a 10% penalty for each day the assignment is late. The media reflection paper is worth up to 50 points.
For this assignment, each students should choose 1 of the options listed below. You are expected to watch the full video (even if you have seen it before) and take specific notes on the links between the video and the course material. Simply trying to remember general plot lines from a movie you watched years ago is not appropriate. It should be clear that you watched or re-watched the video and that you are using specific examples and linking them to the readings. You can rent the movies for $3.99 on GooglePlay, iTunes, or Amazon Video. If you have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and/or Hulu, I suggest you look for them first as they may already be included with your memberships.
Watch the movie, “Monster”
This movie is based off the real life of Aileen Wuornos, a female serial killer in the late 80’s and early 90’s.
Note this is a very important exam, take a long time to read the materials. I want your best. Be specific with the attached materials.
Please upload the file as a Word. Text will be reviewed by SimCheck for plagiarism. 
I don’t accept external sources, you just need to use readings for the class. 
Note. This is very important assigmnet. 
Note: When you post your original post to receive full credit ensure you are demonstrating analytical thought and answering the question FULLY. Include all the questions in your answer. SEE THE ATTACHMENTS 
IMPORTANET.  be specific because I will make sure that your paper matches the INSTRUCTIONS exactly.
Note: Avoid PLAGIARISM (0) and copying and pasting you will get you ZERO. I will scan the papers. 1200 words or more NOT INCLUDED THE QUESTIONS.