Internship Student Learning Analysis

At least 4 full pages. Before writing The Student Learning Analysis (SLA) read the journal entries to reconnect with the bulk of the quarterly reflections. Regardless of the order in which these are presented, Internship Learning analyses must address the following themes:

1. Rationale for choosing this particular site at this particular point in the students
academic process, and general description of this internship position held.
2. Description and examples of how internship learning objectives listed in the students
internship proposal were met.
3. Examples of core assigned tasks and how these relate to students areas of interest.
4. Description and examples of skills, whether academic, technical, administrative, or social
those tasks required, and whether the student feels at this point expert, competent, or
familiar with them.
5. Relevant insight on the historical, political, and social circumstances that fostered the
creation/existence of this internship site.
6. Relevant insight on the historical, political, and social factors influencing the larger
phenomena or problem this internship site intends to address.
7. Description and examples of how the current local, national and global disruption has
affected the operations of your internship site.
8. Description and examples of how your internship site has managed to deal with such
9. A summary of the ways in which the internship experience benefited the student in terms
of new learning.
10. Recommendations for making more meaningful, pleasant, and/or academically
productive all future internship opportunities at this site, if the local, national and global
disruption continues beyond one quarter.

You wrote my last learning analysis a few months ago, which was about the same internship site (SAJE). I will attach both the new Journal entries and the old ones, so you can remember what is SAJE about, general questions you may have and info that may not be in the new journal. However, remember to specially focus on the new Journal. I will also attach the old SLA that may be helpful even though some questions for the new SLA are different. Below is SAJE website.