How to Lead Paper

How to Lead Paper (100): Read How to Lead. Read the Introduction and at least ten chapters, two of each group (Visionaries, Builders, Transformers Commanders, Decision Makers, Masters). Of the ten or more, choose seven; at least three of these must be women or people of color. Write a half page summary on each, including: 1) A one line frame up of the leader, e.g., “Bill Gates is…”); 2) Describe the leadership traits that impressed you most about this individual; 3) What learnings will you take away and how can you apply them (how can you relate it to your own life?). 4) After completing all seven summaries, write a paragraph about which person you’d most like to have dinner with and why. Where would you go? What more would you ask them? 5) Finally and most important, if someone were to interview you, what four or five qualities would they see as your strengths? (Be as specific as you can, for example, instead of just “I have good people skills” describe what about those people skills “I am the person that people come to to help solve problems” or “I am the one on the team that cheers people up, I think of ways to motivate people). At the end, list the other three leaders you read about.
After this is submitted, we will discuss these leaders in class. Be prepared to participate. To receive full credit, your work must show that you thought deeply about the literature. This includes sharing insights about yourself, and how you can relate it to your own life or people in your life. Write this in the first person (“I” language).