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Report Assignment Sheet

                                              Report Assignment Sheet


The purpose of this report is to inform your audience about a tightly-focused topic about a topic that falls within your chosen discipline. This type of writing needs to be scholarly enough to be submitted to a scholarly journal; therefore, you must use sources from the ENG 112 Research Guide only.



Your audience will be other students and professors in your discipline that are at an academic conference. They will expect the report to be formally written, well-organized, well-explained. The topic should be complex enough that the audience can learn new things.



This is a report essay that will have a well-developed thesis. This report should have one overall focused direction (not three or more). Chapter 12 Reporting Information and the Report Video in Moodle can provide more insight on this genre of report.

Each discipline has its own sets of conventions to follow when it comes to writing a report. You will follow one of the below sets of writing conventions that match your disciplinary category:

If your discipline falls under the Sciences and Applied Fields (ex. Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Law, Health, Exercise Science, Medical/Emergency Services, Dental Hygiene, Nursing, Criminal Justice, Math, Engineering, Computer Science, Social Work, Business, etc.):

Use APA style

Paraphrase more than quote

Use active voice unless presenting data

Use specialized vocabulary

Minimum Requirements:

5-6 pages

1400 word count minimum (from start of introduction to end of conclusion)

Use MLA or APA style based on your discipline, Times New Roman 12pt font, double-spaced

5-10 sources from ENG 112 Research Guide only (no Google, interview, personal experience, or general web sources that you might find on Google allowed)

Your topic cannot originate from in-class readings or practice assignments

Here is where I need the sources from