Educational Strategic Plan Case Study

Review and analyze a case study of an educational strategic plan (choose one from below) and then write-up a one-page reflection (APA formatted; double line spaced) on your thoughts about the strategic plan.

For instance:
-What would be the opportunities and challenges of implementing the strategic plan? 
-What are the gaps in the strategic plan?
-How might this strategic plan be useful to your own organization (a private school where you teach mathematics)?

OPTION 1 CASE STUDY:  Grinnell College

OPTION 2 CASE STUDY:  Suffolk County Schools

Course Reading: Chapter 10 – Hollowell, D., Middaugh, M., & Sibolski, E. (2010). Integrating higher education planning and assessment.

Be sure:
-All sources are appropriately cited according to APA format. [Minimum 3, one being from Chapter 10]
-The paper demonstrates considerable understanding of the material, clear and well developed withwell organized paragraphs .
-Sentence structure is clear and varied, while grammar and usage are correct.