Criminal Justice (Homicide)

Read the following scenarios. Now, pretend you are the prosecutor and decide what charge should be applied in each scenario. Once you have identified the most appropriate charge, answer the questions that follow the scenarios.

Each scenario response is to be at least 150 words. Responses should identify the charge applied to the crime and include detail explaining the events in the scenario that support the charge chosen. All work should be in full, well written sentences with appropriate grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Submitted work should contain the students name, course name, name of assignment and date. It should be neat with 1 margins and New Times Roman 12 Font.

Scenario 1:

Jill, returning home early one afternoon, finds her husband Jack on the sofa, embracing the next-door neighbor, Sue. In a blind rage, Jill takes a knife from the kitchen and stabs them both to death.

As discussed in this chapter, what form of homicide would Jill most likely be convicted of? Why did you choose this charge? Support your analysis by justifying your response with the elements provided in the scenario.

Scenario 2:

Assume instead that, upon witnessing the lovers in each other’s arms, Jill departs from the home and drives around in her car for an hour brooding about her husbands infidelity. She then returns to the home, finds a shotgun in the garage, and then shoots and kills Jack and Sue.

What is the offense of which Jill will now most likely be charged Explain why this charge is appropriate and support your analysis by justifying your response with the elements provided in the scenario