Policy in Context

harward style, Health Care and Life Sciences
Select ONE individual from the list below and write a commentary of 1300 words (+/- 10%) that answers the following questions:    The introduction to your commentary should provide a brief summary of your selected individuals professional background and an explanation of her/his area(s) of expertise.    What has been the contribution of your selected individual to the development of policy and/or our understanding of policy?    What research methods has your individual used in her/his research and why have these methods been selected?    The conclusion to your commentary should present an overall evaluation of her/his contribution to policy and/or our understanding of policy.  Gary CraigBarry GoldsonCarol HeddermanRuth ListerCoretta PhillipsTracy ShildrickPeter Squires Alan WalkerThis assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning…
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