Gender-based violence destroys the peacefulness of families, and psychologically affects both women and children. Engaging men to prevent violence can help restore those relationships for a better future. Ashok K

harvard method of referencing, Psychology and Education
In light of the above quote, discuss the correlation between exposure to gender-based violence and identity development of adolescents. In your answer, also discuss whether you think gender roles, specifically masculinity, should be re-evaluated.It is your responsibility to look up any words you are not familiar with, in order to ensure your understanding of the essay topic, and content of the academic source, provided below.Refer to the grading rubric on the next page for guidance when researching and writing your essay.You have been provided with one (1) academic source (see below), this source is compulsory and must be consulted and referenced when answering the research essay.        Compulsory Source: Sabinet:Donenberg, G., Naidoo, P., Kendall, A., Emerson, E., Ward, C.L., Kagee, A., Simbayi, L., Vermaak, R., North, A., Mthembu,J.…
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