Spanish colonization of the Americas and the Spanish baroque architecture

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Characterization  and examples. The topic of the Final Project is "Module 16." This course has covered a tremendous amount of ground in terms of both time and locations, and a sad but inevitable consequence of that is that there are plenty of interesting things we haven't had time for. If we had one more class, what should we include?Complete a written paper (7 pages, with footnotes and illustrations not counting toward that length) on this topic. Your proposed topic should fit within the course timeline of prehistory to 1800 CE (more or less), and it should include, if possible, multiple areas of material culture as well as intellectual and political history. You may wish to start with a short review of what we do cover to provide some context for…
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Human rights

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As executive director of Human Rights Action (HRA), a well-respected New York-based non-profit with NGO partners in Bumido, including CRG, and advocacy contacts at the UN secretariat in New York, write a letter to the UN Secretary General Antnio Guterres, stating the pressing human rights concerns in Bumido, specific rights that have been or could have been violated around the protests and police enforcement of the Covid-19 curfew. The letter should highlight relevant international standards, and recommend actions Mr. Guterres and the UN system, including its human rights mechanisms, should urgently consider taking, in light of the serious abuses in Bumido and against the backdrop of the fact that Bumido has ratified all the core international human rights treaties and their optional protocols. The letter, not more than 1600 words…
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