Annotated Bibliography

ASA, (American Sociology Association), Social Sciences
*****Now that you have selected your articles and studied them, it's time to begin sharing information about your findings. To do that, simply take the reference list you created, add an annotation for each of the articles and post them here in chronological order.**********Articles attached as PDF's*****  *****For information about how to format an annotated bibliography see: The Annotated Bibliography - How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography - LibGuides at Cornell University (***********References For Annotated Bibliography*****(1). Avery, J. 2015. Does Who Votes Matter? Income Bias in Voter Turnout and Economic Inequality in the American States from 1980 to 2010. Political Behavior, 37(4), 955-976. Retrieved August 31, 2021, from (2). Baldassarri, D. 2011. Partisan Joiners: Associational Membership and Political Polarization in the United States (1974-2004). Social Science Quarterly, 92(3), 631-655.…
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