cost of stay

APA 7th, Health Care and Life Sciences
Assignment Overview: This assignment will explore the costs of medical stays in the areas of acute, outpatient, long-term care and home health care.Assignment Goal- The goal of this assignment is to obtain a better understanding of hospital costs and ways to reduce costs for your patients.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Assignment directions:This APA paper will explore the costs of medical stays in many different areas of nursing. The paper should include the following criteria listed in Steps 1-5.Step 1: Pick one of the following areas: Acute care, Outpatient procedure or antibiotic therapy, Long Term Care, or Home Health visit.Step 2: Next choose the type of patient scenario you would like to build: examples include: Cardiac Cath patient, outpatient Vancomycin treatments for 3 weeks, Outpatient lesion removal, Long term care stays.Step 3: Based on the above…
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