Sociology…, a Partial Influence on Evaluation Research

American Sociological Association (ASA) Style Guide, 6th Edition, Social Sciences
*****ARTICLE ATTACHED*****Sociology..., a Partial Influence on Evaluation ResearchBY: James G. Hougland Jr.*****QUESTIONS TO ANSWER*****What types of reactions or thoughts did the content stimulate?What ideas, arguments, perspectives, experiences, etc. struck you as interesting, problematic, and/or worthy of further, deeper consideration?Were there any holes or gaps in the content that were left unaddressed?How does the content provided relate to what you already know or have learned in previous coursework?How might this content inform your actions as a professional with sociological knowledge and skills?What, if any, new knowledge or understanding of prior knowledge did you obtain from the reading that may influence your own sociological practice?*****REFERENCES*****Alliance for Nonprofit Management. (2015). Capacity building Accessed 15 Jan 2015.Campbell, D. T. (1969). Ethnocentrism of disciplines and the fish-scale model of omniscience. In M. Sherif &C.…
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