How the pandemic has disrupted international refugee law.

AGLC4, Law
Dear writer, please read before bid:1. An abstract should be provided at the first week.2. Please use AGLC-4 citation, especially note how to cite case and treaties.3. Please leave enough time for revision.  Readings:DAY 1 ALLOCATION OF READINGS DAY 1SESSION 1: The evolution of the international protection regime1. The Evolution of the International Protection Regime Hathaway and Foster, pp 1-13 1. International Refugee Law in the Early Years, Guy S Goodwin-Gill JC Hathaway, The Law of Refugee Status (1996) chapter 1, pp 1-282. The Global Context - A System in Crisis Daniel Ghezelbash, Refuge Lost: Asylum Law in an Interdependent World (2018), Ch 2: 'Managing Asylum-Seeker Flows in the 21st Century'3. Australia's Experience Robert Manne, 'Australia's Uniquely Harsh Asylum Seeker Policy - How Did It Come to This?' ABC Religion…
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