Case anaysis 18

The case and lecture note is in the upload file!
The  purpose  of  the individual take  home final assignment  is  to  showcase  your  IB  case  analysis knowledge and the learning you have garnered from our in-class discussions. (please make sure include some concept in lecture note)
Tips for an excellent case write up
– Review lecture slides on case analysis evaluation Criteria (already posted)
– Clearly state the case issue(s) 
– Identify the character of the case to whom you will be recommending your solution
– Thorough analysis that supports the recommendation, using learned frameworks
– Demonstrate an understanding of the character in the case and his/her perspectives
– Strategic options and any evaluation criteria if appropriate
– Recommendations (include rationale / why)
– Report flow
– Quality of writing (readability)
WRITTEN DELIVERABLESUnless otherwise directed, all hand-in assignments are expected to be in the best business standard. Double-spaced, 1 margins all around 12 point font in Times New RomanFor citation follows the APA style