1.Evaluating the effectiveness of performance management

a.              You are required to research and analyse relevant academic literature concerning the topic below. You must present a comprehensive fully referenced academic research paper on this area. The use of substantial secondary research is required to achieve the optimal understanding of your research topic. In short, a comprehensive critical literature review and full assessment of the area must be evident. 

Content and structure 

Critical analysis of the topic selected.

Elaboration and justification of points/arguments made and conclusions reached.

Logical organisation and presentation of the paper

Fluent sentences, clear transitions, and effective paragraph structure.


Sufficient number of sources 

Variety of sources.

Legitimacy of sources.

Currency of sources.

Relevance to academic title/topic.

Comprehensive coverage of current academic thinking in the area.

Language and style

Appropriate vocabulary, formal academic tone. 

Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, page numbering.


Use of Harvard style for in-text citations.

Use of Harvard style for list of references.